Major Industrial Project EIA

In recent years, Selangor managed to attract many foreign investors to set up large manufacturing plants in the state. AGV was privileged to be appointed by a China investor to conduct a Second Schedule EIA study for the establishment of a recycled packaging paper manufacturing facility in Selangor.

The project will be developed in two phases on a 132 acre site within an industrial park.  It will have an annual production capacity of 2.4 million tons. The raw material comprised of sorted commercial and industrial waste paper. Being an integrated facility, its main components include paper production plants, water intake station, raw water treatment plant, wastewater treatment system, cogeneration plant, thermal treatment plant, sewage treatment plant and warehouses for raw materials and finished products.

The indepth comprehensive study involved modelling and assessment of air emissions (including odour), water quality, soil erosion, noise generation, wastes management, quantitative risks, ecological (aquatic) assessment, health impact and socio-economic impact.

One of the main challenges encountered was the location of the project site at the fringe of the industrial park with several schools and residential schemes closeby. In order to overcome the concerns and mitigate the potential impacts, additional internal buffer was provided by optimizing the plant layout and siting the warehouses and offices along the boundary with the sensitive receptors.

AGV’s team of consultants and specialists are proud to obtain the EIA approval for this large industrial project by working closing with the project proponent’s team and satisfying all the requirements of the DOE and other relevant authorities.

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