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NCT Alliance Group signs MoU with AGV Environment in preparation for its Selangor Smart Industrial Park (SSIP) project.

Sustainability is the driving force behind the SSIP project, and being the hub of functional expertise in this area, AGV is proud to be one of the project’s contributing partners. Our technical expertise and experience will contribute to the development of this eco-industrial park that stands to become an iconic sustainable development and the global benchmark for industrial parks.

Water Abstraction Studies

Large quantity of water is required by certain industries in Malaysia such as the beverage, textile, glove, power generation and paper manufacturers. AGV’s team has vast experience in the paper manufacturing sector, having conducted studies for five plants in the past. All of them consume huge amount of water and they cannot depend on treated

Solar Energy Project EIA

In year 2021, AGV conducted an EIA study for a solar farm located in Gopeng, Perak. The 114.81 ha site was a matured oil palm estate located next to a nearby river. The owners of the estate had secured a tender from TNB to develop a solar farm or photovoltaic plant for the generation of

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

An essential part of due diligence during mergers and acquisitions of a property is conducting an environmental site assessment (ESA). AGV has conducted numerous ESA for multinational companies. Phase II ESA which involves intrusive soil and groundwater investigation and analyses provides a comprehensive review of any pre-existing environmental conditions of a particular site. The exercise

Social Impact Assessment for Mixed Development

For a proposed mixed development encompassing approximately 300 acres in a strategic location in Negeri Sembilan, AGV was entrusted with conducting the SIA study. The proposed new township development is situated within a palm oil plantation, adjacent to several villages with good connectivity to existing highway network. The assessment was initiated with a desktop study

Mixed Development in Highlands

Given the oversupply of residential units and a rather sluggish outlook for the Kuala Lumpur property market, many investors are looking beyond the city center for potential growth. Genting Highlands which is less than an hour drive away proves to be an attractive alternative with its cool and cleaner environment and greenery. Development in highlands

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

An Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a comprehensive review of a specific property to identify and evaluate the presence of recognized environmental conditions associated with the property. Phase I ESA consists of a thorough review of the historical use of the site and any adjacent properties. No physical testing is performed on soil or groundwater

Social Impact Assessment for Mining Project

AGV conducted a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) for a proposed sand and tin mining project in Selangor which covered a total area of approximately 416 hectares of agricultural land. The study involved determining the baseline demographic profile of the impacted communities, assessing the perceptions and concerns of the local communities, performing a comprehensive assessment of

Major Industrial Project EIA

In recent years, Selangor managed to attract many foreign investors to set up large manufacturing plants in the state. AGV was privileged to be appointed by a China investor to conduct a Second Schedule EIA study for the establishment of a recycled packaging paper manufacturing facility in Selangor. The project will be developed in two

Study on Environmental Charges for Contravention of Air Emissions

In late 2021, AGV was appointed by the Malaysia Department of Environment (DOE) to conduct a study on the environmental charges or fees to be imposed for industries that contravene the air pollutant emission limits set in the Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Order 2014. Industries were given 5 years grace period and expected to comply

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