Phase I and Phase II ESA of Quarry sites

AGV conducted a Phase I and Phase II ESA at two limestone quarry sites in Perak to identify potential soil and groundwater contamination prior to acquisition. The Phase I ESA included a site visit to visually inspect the existing condition of the area. A review of documents which included environmental permits, laboratory reports and historical correspondence with local authorities was carried out. A land use survey was conducted on the various activities and development in the immediate surrounding area. The Phase II ESA involved environmental drilling work up to a depth of 10 meters for collection of soil and groundwater samples. Surface water samples from nearby lakes and streams were collected for analyses.

View of project site, drilling works and groundwater sampling

During the site visit, wastes comprising scrap metal, used machinery parts and empty drums were observed dumped within the site. Analysis of the soil and groundwater samples collected did not show elevated concentrations of heavy metals and hydrocarbon parameters. Immediate action was recommended to remove the wastes and prevent future dumping of wastes at the area, as it may significantly increase the risk of soil and groundwater contamination.

Groundwater sampled at the area showed slightly elevated heavy metals, but within the natural occurring metals concentrations. It is common for mining sites to have elevated heavy metals in groundwater due to mining activities.

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