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Climate Change and Resilience

We provide the service of understanding the risks of a changing climate. We offer multidisciplinary skills to help you with Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation on proposed projects for Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs), under government legislation (such as ESIA frameworks, project closure plans,) funding requirements, Corporate Social Responsibilities commitments and others.

Our Climate Change and Resilience approach to providing adaptation services starts by analyzing observed historic climate variability and project climate change in order to identify climate change risks to existing or planning infrastructure or operations..

We have developed visualisation tools to analyse climate change data by collecting and graphically displaying all of the information as scatter plots, cloud graphs and histograms and to explain in simple and easy to understand concepts how the effects of weather variability and long term climate change can affect clients.

Climate Change Adaptation

Our multidisciplinary team of engineers, scientists, meteorologists and technicians work closely with clients to address the uncertainties of climate change regarding energy operations. We offer a wide range of integrated services including:

  • Environmental assessment and environmental impact statements
  • Meteorological assessments, wind flow simulations and analyses, dispersion modelling data sets and site-specific meteorological forecasting
  • Comprehensive review of historical climate change data and projections
  • Planning and design support
  • Water supply/water quality and treatment
  • Adaptation planning to address corporate sustainability goals, disclosure requirements, insurance questions and others
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