environmental monitoring and assessment

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (EM) define the procedures and exercises required to evaluate the quality of the environment. We offer atmospheric management in transportation, power, mining, manufacturing, oil and gas, metals, waste management, architects, interior designers and others.

From conceptual simulations of proposed projects to mitigation engineering of existing situations, our team of engineers, scientists and technical specialists assist industry and government in addressing today’s full range of atmospheric issues.

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (EM) is from conceptual simulations of proposed projects to mitigation engineering of existing situations to address full range of environmental risk and impact.

Air Quality

  • Atmospheric dispersion modelling for regulatory applications
  • Photochemical modelling for airshed assessments
  • Accidental release and explosive modelling
  • Nuisance risk assessments for odour, dust and bioaerosols
  • Regional and local air emissions inventorying
  • Design assistance including stack height calculations, location options
  • Process air emissions control technology, mitigation and options appraisals
  • Ambient air quality monitoring and data interpretation
  • Air emissions management and monitoring plans
  • Applied meteorology (monitoring and analysis) and tower erection
  • Wind tunnel air flow experiments and assessments
  • Expert advice and witness testimony
  • Monitoring and management in support of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and Environmental Permitted (EP) developments

Meteorology and Climate Change

  • Detailed site-specific weather forecasts for weather-sensitive operations
  • Provide long-term weather forecasts
  • State-of-the-art modelling using MM5 and WRF used for meteorology, air quality and climate change
  • Forensic meteorology
  • Wind analysis
  • Probable maximum precipitation predictions
  • Generating meteorological datasets used required for AERMOD and CALPUFF modelling
  • Meteorological data verification
  • MET tower installation
  • Climate change analysis using IPCC data

Acoustics, Noise & Vibration

  • Source measurements using sound pressure and/or sound intensity techniques
  • Background noise monitoring
  • Noise modelling for regulatory applications for industrial and manufacturing facilities
  • Transportation modelling to address land use compatibility including road, rail and air
  • Airport modelling using INM to assess potential noise effects from aircraft operations
  • Acoustic modelling using Odeon Room Acoustics Software
  • Architectural and room acoustics
  • Open office design using STI, AI, SPC and other acoustical indices
  • Aural aesthetic design
  • Design of mitigation measures specific to noise impacts
  • Vibration measurements using multi-channel data acquisition equipment
  • Design of vibration isolation for equipment and structures
  • Vibration modelling using finite element methods
  • Measurement and prediction of blasting noise and vibration from mines and quarries
  • Construction vibration monitoring
  • Expert advice and witness testimony


  • Design of mitigation measures to minimise light effects
  • Visual renderings using state-of-the-art light software
  • Nighttime photographs of the night sky used to show predicted changes in sky quality due to new projects
  • Modelling of sky glow and light trespass used to support regulatory applications
  • Measurement of sky quality and light trespass
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