Social Impact Assessment for Mining Project

AGV conducted a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) for a proposed sand and tin mining project in Selangor which covered a total area of approximately 416 hectares of agricultural land. The study involved determining the baseline demographic profile of the impacted communities, assessing the perceptions and concerns of the local communities, performing a comprehensive assessment of impacts, issues and challenges that could potentially occur throughout the life-cycle of the project, as well as recommending appropriate measures to enhance positive impacts while mitigating the negative impacts. Prior to conducting the assessment, screening and scoping exercises were carried out to determine the category, criteria and guidelines involved.

While the main economic activities within the immediate catchment area agriculture and manufacturing, there is adequate buffer between the project site and the nearest community. The project also did not involve any displacement of people, or relocation of properties, community facilities and amenities. On the contrary, the project will induce spillover effects with increased income, economic activities and revenue to the State.

A series of engagements and focus group discussions (FGD) with the various stakeholders were conducted to obtain feedback on the proposed project to better address the concerns and expectations of the impacted communities. The SIA report was reviewed and approved by PLANMalaysia Headquarters in 2018.


FGDs with stakeholders

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